The last time I was in the Philippines I stopped and stayed in Manila for about a week. This was 2018.

In my tour of the city and the surrounding area I made it a point to stop at many of Catholic cathedrals I found. I just wanted to see them and to sit in them for a bit. In doing so I enjoyed the quiet presence of the Lord Jesus in the midst of the crazy busyness of the city. I thanked Him for looking after me in this strange land, for making Himself known to me through His…


After hours and hours of dark blue waters

and only a couple of hours left in the trans-Pacific flight,

a loneliness for all things familiar came and

tears welled up in the back of her eyes.

But she didn’t let them fall.

She thought of the rich green rice fields

of southern Mindanao, her homeland.

She thought of her father and her mother

who would now be in deep sleep among those rice fields

for it was the middle of the night where they were.

She also thought of her life-long friends

“You are going to hell,” I was told many times by a lot of people when my marriage disintegrated and I left the house I shared with Jordina for many years. I felt very sad to hear this judgment, especially coming from some people who I thought would know better. I am also assuming that this type of treatment was experienced by Jordina as well, I don’t know, she has never said.

I am not going to go into the reasons why we separated. I’m sure the rumor mongers have all that figured out. …

Doctor said I was in good shape, all the health metrics were in the good range. He told me he was amazed that I was able reverse my diabetes and keep it that way for such a long period. He doesn’t see a case like mine quite often.

So my friends, what I do makes a difference in my health outcomes. I run, exercise, try to maintain good eating habits, mainly just not eat too much. I smile often and be friends with everyone, as much as I can which can be difficult at times with certain people.

People have…

Hello there! I wrote about this fellow a few years ago. I think Jacinto was 73 years old at the time. He is now 80 years old.

It is important to continue being active well into your years. Otherwise, your health will decline so much if you just sit there, not doing anything. You might even find you will eliminate medications that have been prescribed to keep you alive if you start exercising. You just don’t want to be breathing and living. You want the quality of your life to remain high until you are 100 years old.

Good health…

My A1C Blood TestMy A1C Blood Test

The picture above depicts my blood tests measuring my glucose levels on August 2012 to May 2013. During a visit to the doctor on May, he informed me that I did not have diabetes from all indications of the measurements given by the test.

The doctor had said I had diabetes in 2012 and put me on medicines, 2 medformin, to lower my blood glucose levels which had gone up to 22 at one point. I went into some sort of funk after that and sort of accepted that I had diabetes since my mom had it and various other…

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Have you ever looked at a large plate of restaurant food and you think in your mind, “This is too much food. I should not eat this much. It’s not good for my weight control”.

“But I paid $40.00 for the meal and I shouldn’t waste my money by not eating it”. In no time you gobble it all up and you for a few minutes afterward you guilt yourself. You look around with a hunched back with a look of shame in your eyes. But only for a few minutes and then you go on with your life. Until…

Unsettling White Privilege

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

I like white people bashing in some of my writings.

When I am speaking about “white people” I am not talking about the Italians, the Ukrainians, the French, the Greeks, the Scottish, the Irish, the English, the Jews, the Arabs, the Swiss, the Dutch, and etc. I have to many friends among these people so I do not wish to unduly upset them.

The “white people” I like to bash are those people who have wholeheartedly bought into the economic system underlying the United States and Canada. These two countries are the leading outward demonstration of the economic system I…

How A Weight Loss Tool Can Lead To Professional Life Solutions

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

I often say if one of your goals for exercising is to lose weight than you have to know that by itself exercising is not going to do the trick. In many of my readings on the subject, I’ve come across articles and books that say to lose weight you have to start in the kitchen. Essentially, these readings say you have to change your eating habits and what you eat.

Often times we have eaten a certain way and eaten certain foods for so long we really don’t…

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

One day I was looking at my sink full of dishes and I just got so lazy to do them. So I didn’t do them, I just left them. The next day they were still there, weighing heavy on my mind.

I got to thinking that’s how we often think about things in life, especially at work. We just think about how there is so much to do and how little time there is to do them. We get stressed and eventually make ourselves sick just thinking like that.

Going back to my dishes. I arranged my dishes into different…

Douglas Semple

Douglas Semple MBA, MPA, B.A. A writer, a thinker and a follower of Jesus.

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