“You are going to hell,” I was told many times by a lot of people when my marriage disintegrated and I left the house I shared with Jordina for many years. I felt very sad to hear this judgment, especially coming from some people who I thought would know better…

Doctor said I was in good shape, all the health metrics were in the good range. He told me he was amazed that I was able reverse my diabetes and keep it that way for such a long period. He doesn’t see a case like mine quite often.

So my…

My A1C Blood TestMy A1C Blood Test

The picture above depicts my blood tests measuring my glucose levels on August 2012 to May 2013. During a visit to the doctor on May, he informed me that I did not have diabetes from all indications of the measurements given by the test.

The doctor had said I had…

Douglas Semple

Douglas Semple MBA, MPA, B.A. A writer, a thinker and a follower of Jesus.

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