Douglas Semple
2 min readAug 19, 2021

The last time I was in the Philippines I stopped and stayed in Manila for about a week. This was 2018.

In my tour of the city and the surrounding area I made it a point to stop at many of Catholic cathedrals I found. I just wanted to see them and to sit in them for a bit. In doing so I enjoyed the quiet presence of the Lord Jesus in the midst of the crazy busyness of the city. I thanked Him for looking after me in this strange land, for making Himself known to me through His people there. I never doubted He is with me and that He is at work here in this land as well as in the lands of my home. It makes me feel so thankful when I take time to be quiet and grasp this truth. I love the people He has sent my way over the last few days

You will see in one of the photos that there was a wedding taking place as I entered the cathedral. That was exciting.

The bride had a long wedding dress on, beautiful she was.

When my ex and I got married over 30 years ago now I don’t think we had anything fancy on. I think I wore my dirty work sneakers. We were very poor when we began our work, and we are still very poor. Anyway life has been good to us. Even though we are not married anymore, I wish her the very best each day.

A beautiful wedding taking place in one of the magnificent cathedrals that seem to proliferate the city scape in Manila.
Douglas Semple

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